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Chief Technology Officer


  • Work with the CEO to develop blockchain strategy to ensure alignment with
    business goals

  • Build and audit project framework (based on business goal and current team situation)

  • Analyze requirements and system framework design

  • Lead and manage the technical team and support of the overall development roadmap

  • Implement department documentation criterion

  • In charge of Sprint meeting and deliver reports

  • Continuous improving team performance and efficiency

  • Remote work will be considered too


  • Bachelor degree or above in Computer Science or relevant field

  • Minimum of 8 years of working experience, 3 years or above of relevant position working experience; minimum of 2 years of above of practical project management experience

  • Strong understanding of Agile Development

Technical Skills :

  • Proficient in JavaScript/Jquery and other common front-end framework

  • Proficient in Spring MVC, Spring; Strong understanding of Spring and able to design new Spring component based on Spring mechanism

  • Strong understanding of Design Pattern and proficient in System Architect and Design

  • Strong understanding of Java ORM like Mybats/ Hibernate/ JPA

  • Demonstrate technical skills as distribute architect, cache, searching, SOA and so on

  • Strong Project Management skills and Team Management Skills

  • Strong analytical skills and self-learning skills

Management Skills:

  • Strong communication skills and problem solving skills

  • Distribute tasks and train others

  • Rich project management experience

  • Excellent interpersonal and problem solving skills

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