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Unreal Engine Developer/Engineer


  • Higher Diploma / Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related disciplines;

  • More than 3 years of Unity/Unreal development experience, with practical experience in cross-platform software resource planning, architecture design, and project development;

  • Have a deep understanding of the UE4/5 framework, and have extensive experience in one of the fields such as rendering, animation, physics, AI, and performance tuning;

  • Proficient in C++/LUA/Python/AI artificial intelligence programming language, proficient in commonly used data structures and algorithms;

  • Enthusiastic about project and product development, able to cooperate and collaborate well with others, have good ability to analyse and solve problems, good communication, collaboration and learning ability;

  • Proficiency in at least one scripting language, including but not limited to: UE blueprint, C++, python, lua, js, etc.

  • Have a certain understanding and enthusiasm for virtual digital humans(AI Metahuman), VR, AR industries and sectors are preferred;

  • Experience in performance optimization and system testing is preferred;

  • Have a high aesthetic ability and a sense of excellence.


  • Use Unreal Engine to develop and implement Metaverse and digital twin systems, including scene construction, model import, application of physics engine, lighting rendering, material design, etc.;

  • Responsible for UE4/5 plug-in development and core module development, programming and scripting in the virtual world, including scripting languages such as C++, blueprint scripts, etc.;

  • Responsible for assisting art and planning to establish efficient production specifications and processes in the UE4/5 engine, and expanding the development of related tool chains, participating in the optimization and performance tuning of virtual scenes;

  • Responsible for the feasibility assessment of the project product group's engine requirements, the design and implementation of the project framework and technical solutions;

  • Responsible for the development of digital human application clients, including role-driven, logic, system, network, UI and other modules, and simultaneously connect with the AI department to empower digital humans with AI;

  • Cooperate with other team members, including 3D modelers, programmers, designers, etc., to jointly complete the development tasks of Metaverse and digital twin systems.

We offer 5-day work with good career prospects and excellent fringe benefits to the right candidates.  Interested parties, please feel free to send a full resume with your expected salary and availability to

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