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Blockchain Solutions mission is to integrate blockchain into a business solution across a various section,
leveraging this disruption technology to incubate innovation application.

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    BankBlock is a blockchain-fused platform that emphasizes data security and efficiency for the banking industry. The project adopted Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Network to build a consortium network for data collaboration across different parties. BankBlock will revolutionize contract settlement through blockchain technology: immutability, traceability, and security.

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    BitBro is a blockchain-driven referral system for the financial community, which provides secure, reliable, and immutable ledgers for all stakeholders. It is developed via Hyperledger fabric and IPFS to facilitate efficient and orderly human interaction and fortify trust among the participants. It could be the industrial revolution for Investment banking.

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    CerTraze is a blockchain-based product tracing platform that enables enterprises/customers to trace their products with ease, meanwhile benefit from features of blockchains —immutability, traceability, and security. By incorporating different IoT, we visioned CerTraze could revolutionize operations of different sectors, from the auto manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, to postal and parcel services.

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    CryptoGo is the first customizable white-label Cryptocurrency kiosk with bank-grade security in Asia. We could tailormade CryptoGo’s appearance, user interface, tradable currency, etc. upon our clients’ demand. CryptoGo is now available in three models: MKI, MKII, and MKIII, which serve in different capacities.

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    Fi2Pay is a cashless finger vein payment solution. Combine the high accuracy and low-cost features of biometric identification technology and the unalterable and secure character of blockchain technology, Fi2Pay aims to synchronize all payment gateway into a tiny terminal and provide an expeditious, safe, and cost-efficient transaction method for customers and retailers.

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