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BankBlock is a blockchain-fused platform that emphasizes data security and efficiency for the banking industry. Although e-contracts might be more efficient, the Bank system still relies heavily on physical signatures and contracts for compliance. A paper contract has obvious shortcomings: manual input inefficiency or error; high transportation cost or even transportation failure; risk of loss/ damage of paper document on improper handling. However, BankBlock will revolutionize contract settlement through blockchain technology: immutability, traceability, and security. 

We vision BankBlock to be of great use in intra-bank and inter-bank systems. In the intra-bank system, BankBlock could speed up data acquisition in a timely and accurate matter. With access permission and a track record, different portals within the banking ecosystem could access up-to-date versions of said data on the blockchain. Besides, every alteration would be transparent to relevant parties with specific access permission. In the inter-bank system, BankBlock could serve as a decentralized, trustless domain for different parties. Therefore, contract handling default will be minimized as this system could drastically reduce lower manual/ repetitive input and handling.

BankBlock 是一個為求加強銀行業的數據安全和效率的區塊鏈平臺。縱觀全球的銀行系統仍然依賴實體簽名和紙本合約。可是,紙本合約有明顯的缺陷:人手輸入的效率不障甚或錯誤;運輸成本及風險高如處理不當的紙本文件有丟失/損壞的風險。但是,BankBlock 將通過區塊鏈技術的不可篡改性、可追溯性和安全性徹底改變合約處理。

BankBlock在不論銀行內部或跨銀行的系統亦大有裨用。在銀行內部系統中,BankBlock 可以保證快速及準確的數據採集。透過制訂訪問許可權和可追蹤的記錄,不同部門可以不同的權限使用區塊鏈上的最新數據。此外,區塊鏈的透明度亦能讓相關部門能監察所有修改過的記錄。BankBlock可以作為在跨銀行的系統中的分散、「無信任」的重要橋樑。有賴於區塊鏈的特性,BankBlock大幅減少人手/重複輸入和處理,從而減少合約處理失誤。

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