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Bitbro is a blockchain-driven referral system for the financial community, which provides secure, reliable, and immutable ledgers for all stakeholders. It is developed via Hyperledger fabric and IPFS to facilitate more efficient and orderly human interaction and fortify trust among the participants. It could be the industrial revolution for Investment banking. 

As the best financial hub in the East, Hong Kong naturally attracts the best investors and dealmakers. The lack of trust became the chink in the armor in the deal-making process. Mutual trust is crucial yet fragile within the chain of communication between the project owner and investors. The frustration of identifying the right investors and raise quality funding for good companies is more common than people perceive. Bitbro will overcome challenges faced by traditional contracts, such as integrity, legitimacy, and confidentiality. 

By uploading the recommendation records, contracts, and enterprise information to the blockchain, Bitbro provides a reliable and traceable environment for all stakeholders. Thus, we equalize the bargaining power between different parties. Moreover, Bitbro also addresses common pain points in the investing world by providing a confidential and easy-to-use platform for middlemen to seek potential projects and pull the string with suitable investors. All the data uploaded to Bitbro is secure in the blockchain. Thus, it is immutable, safe, and traceable, including commission rate, terms, and agreements. Therefore, Bitbro eliminates future disputes between different parties and forges the trustless trust.

Bitbro是一個為所有持份者提供安全、可靠和不可篡改分散式賬本的區塊鏈金融圈推薦系統。Bitbro通過Hyperledger fabric和IPFS研發,以促進更高效、更有秩序的人類互動,並加強持份者之間的信任,改善投資銀行業生態圈為目標。

香港作為東方首屈一指的金融中心,自然會吸引最優秀的投資者和中間人。可是,專案擁有者和投資者之間缺乏信任不利於金融合作。未能為好公司尋找合適的投資者和籌集優質資金的挫敗感亦比人們想像的更為普遍。就此,Bitbro 將克服傳統合約簽訂面臨的挑戰,如誠信、合法性和保密性。

通過將推薦記錄、合約和企業資訊上傳到區塊鏈,Bitbro 為所有持份者提供了可靠且可追溯的紀錄。因此,我們平衡了不同持份者之間的議價能力。此外,Bitbro還通過為中間人提供一個保密且易於使用的平台以解決投資界常見的難題,令中間人能專注於為合適的投資者與合作項目牽線拔尖。因為上傳到 Bitbro 的所有數據包括抽傭比例、條款和協定,都位於不可篡改、安全和可追溯的區塊鏈中。因此,Bitbro 消弭了不同持份者之間的可能糾紛,並建立「無信任」的信任機制。

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