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CerTraze is a blockchain-based product tracing platform that enables enterprises/customers to trace their products with ease, meanwhile benefit from features of blockchains —immutability, traceability, and security. The Covid-19 pandemic devastated supply chains across the globe, products' origin, conditions during transportation, and logistic checkpoints became dire concerns of manufacturers/ suppliers, and CerTraze was an answer to such inquiry. With CerTraze, we estimate our clients to generate higher revenue, reducing cost and procedure for compliance red tapes. By incorporating different IoT, CerTraze records unalterable venue, time, and essential data. Besides, vendors could easily enhance the credibility of their products with the unalterable verification of origin. On the flip side, end-users could look for suspicious scanning records of their product to monitor if the package being compromised. CerTraze could also serve as proof of ownership, hence making asset transfer indisputable. The product ownership history is unchangeable and visible for potential buyers to look up under the blockchain. This level of transparency facilitates the secondary market substantially, which inflates the value of commodities. CerTraze could easily expose logistic fraud due to the time-stamping and immutable nature of blockchain. A decentralized database enables data recovery even there is data loss or damage to the server. CerTraze could expose logistic failure and defects with easy-to-use but unchangeable records. We visioned CerTraze could revolutionize operations of different sectors, from the auto manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, postal and parcel services, to animal husbandry. 

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