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CerTraze is a blockchain-based product tracing platform that enables enterprises/customers to trace their products with ease, meanwhile benefit from features of blockchains —immutability, traceability, and security. The Covid-19 pandemic devastated supply chains across the globe, products' origin, conditions during transportation, and logistic checkpoints became dire concerns of manufacturers/ suppliers, and CerTraze was an answer to such inquiry. With CerTraze, we estimate our clients to generate higher revenue, reducing cost and procedure for compliance red tapes. By incorporating different IoT, CerTraze records unalterable venue, time, and essential data. 

Besides, vendors could easily enhance the credibility of their products with the unalterable verification of origin. On the flip side, end-users could look for suspicious scanning records of their product to monitor if the package being compromised. CerTraze could also serve as proof of ownership, hence making asset transfer indisputable. The product ownership history is unchangeable and visible for potential buyers to look up under the blockchain. This level of transparency facilitates the secondary market substantially, which inflates the value of commodities. 

CerTraze could easily expose logistic fraud due to the time-stamping and immutable nature of blockchain. A decentralized database enables data recovery even there is data loss or damage to the server. CerTraze could expose logistic failure and defects with easy-to-use but unchangeable records. We visioned CerTraze could revolutionize operations of different sectors, from the auto manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, postal and parcel services, to animal husbandry. 

CerTraze Mobile Application Use Policy

CerTraze 讓企業/消費者能夠輕鬆追蹤其產品,同時受益於區塊鏈的功能 – 不可篡改性、可追溯性和安全性的一個產品追蹤平台。新冠病毒疫情摧毀了全球的供應鏈。製造商/供應商對產品的來源、運輸期間的條件和物流節點的關注達到前所未有的高度,CerTraze便是為了解決這個問題而研發。配合不同物聯網,CerTraze 記錄不可竄改的地點、時間及其他關鍵數據。客戶通過 CerTraze降低合規手續的成本和手續,從而提高營收。

此外,供應商可以通過不可變的原產地證書提高其產品的可信度。另一方面,用戶也可以留意產品有沒有可疑的掃描記錄,以監察包裹會否已被損壞。CerTraze 也可以作為擁有權證明,從而使資產轉讓不爭其辯。產品擁有權歷史是不變的,潛在買家可以查找區塊鏈下。這種透明度大大促進了二級市場的發展,從而提高商品的價值。

有賴區塊鏈實時和不可竄改的特質,CerTraze 可以輕鬆地發現物流失誤。即使伺服器的數據丟失或損壞,分散式的數據庫也能夠進行恢復。我們認為CerTraze將徹底改變不同行業的運營模式,例如汽車製造業、製藥業、郵政服務業到畜牧業。

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