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CryptoGo is the first self-developed one-stop bespoke cryptocurrency kiosk in Asia, launched in 2018. It is a bank-grade and advanced bi-directional cryptocurrency kiosk, which prompts to have a swift and reliable transaction and operation, yet still charges a competitive license fee. CryptoGo is a white-label kiosk with proprietary software. Thus, our client can fully customize their CryptoGo's machine appearance, front-end design, back-end support, and cryptocurrency types, including new tokens/IEOs. 

To enhance user experience and smoothen transactions, CryptoGo's interface is clean and user-friendly. CryptoGo is compatible with different identification hardware such as fingerprint scanners, finger vein scanners, EMV card reader, and HD camera with facial recognition technology to suit our clients' Know Your Customer (KYC) and compliance needs. 

CryptoGo's back-end dashboard provides visualized data on-site and automatic reports exportation for our clients' analysis purposes. Our clients could alter transaction fees, types of KYC, coupon functions, and which kinds of cryptocurrency are available in their bespoke machine since security and flexibility are the primary focuses of our services.

加密高是於 2018 年推出的亞洲首個自行開發的一站式定製加密貨幣自助買賣機。它是一部有銀行級別的雙向加密貨幣自助買賣機,操作快速和可靠,同時保持低廉的交易行政費。加密高是一台帶有專屬軟體的白標機器:由機器外觀、前端設計、後端支援和加密貨幣類型,包括新代幣/IEO都可以由客戶自行決定。

為了提升用戶的交易體驗,加密高的介面簡潔易用。加密高能配合不同的識別硬體(如指紋掃描器、指紋靜脈掃描器、EMV 讀卡機和配備面部識別技術的高清攝像頭),滿足客戶對KYC和合規性的需求。

加密高的後端操作台提供圖像化的即時數據和自動匯出報告功能,方便客戶的業務分析。我們的客戶可以在其訂製自助買賣機更改交易費用、KYC 類型、優惠券功能,以及幣種,因為我們服務一直以安全和靈活性為目標。

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