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CryptoGo is the first self-developed one-stop bespoke cryptocurrency kiosk in Asia, launched in 2018. It is a bank-grade and advanced bi-directional cryptocurrency kiosk, which prompts to have a swift and reliable transaction and operation, yet still charges a competitive license fee. CryptoGo is a white-label kiosk with proprietary software. Thus, our client can fully customize their CryptoGo's machine appearance, front-end design, back-end support, and cryptocurrency types, including new tokens/IEOs. To enhance user experience and smoothen transactions, CryptoGo's interface is clean and user-friendly. A voice navigation system is implemented to guide the users every step of the way. CryptoGo is compatible with different identification hardware such as fingerprint scanners, finger vein scanners, EMV card reader, and HD camera with facial recognition technology to suit our clients' Know Your Customer (KYC) and compliance needs. CryptoGo's back-end dashboard provides visualized data on-site and automatic reports exportation for our clients' analysis purposes. Our clients could alter transaction fees, types of KYC, coupon functions, and which kinds of cryptocurrency are available for trade-in their bespoke machine since security and flexibility are the primary focuses of our services.

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