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Jase - HKSTP representative /Jase成為科學園特使

我們 CEO 梁永熹先生被邀到捷克外交部舉辦的 ICT / Cyber Security Sector, 代表 #區塊鏈科研#布拉格 的總部和當地最大規模的 #金融科研公司 交流和商討合作機會。同時間也一起交流商討策略,讓 #捷克 可以在科技上尋求創新。

Our Group CEO, Mr. Jase Leung, has been invited to the Czech Republic's event, also known as the hosted by the local government, as the representative of #Blockchain #Solutions limited. At #Prague, the Blockchain Solutions' team exchanged knowledge with the leading #fintech corporations on future collaboration opportunities. Concurently, they also discussed strategies on how to foster and develop growth in the technology industry for the #Czech #Republic.

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