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Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Awards Ceremony 2019 香港最具價值公司獎 2019

We at Blockchain Solutions., would like to thank @MediazoneHK, for organizing the #HKMVC Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Awards Ceremony 2019. It’s an incredible honor, which motivates our team to push forward on new technological innovations that are beneficial to the world and Hong Kong as a society. Mr. Jase Leung - Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jesse Co – General Manager and Mr. Leo Chan – Head of Information Technology, attended the award ceremony to express their gratitude in receiving this award. Once again, Our team at Blockchain Solutions will remain tenacious, and will set aside our feelings of current strife during this period. We will also continuously rise to the occasion and overcome barriers, so we may develop better blockchain solutions to benefit the world, Hong Kong and its citizens.

About Mediazone Group: Each year, MediaZone Ltd., will select 50 award-winning brands from 11,000 international and local brands active in Hong Kong each year; award-winning brands will receive interviews and reports from MediaZone's best-selling yearbook, Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies, which is also one of the annual business publication in Hong Kong, Macau and China that is widely recognized by business elites and public organizations.

區塊鏈科研團隊的首席執行官梁永熹先生,總經理 高瀚先生和信息技術總監陳穎高先生出席了由MediaZone舉辦的頒獎儀式。我們的團隊時刻保持努力不懈,不斷地克服障礙,務求做出更好的區塊鏈技術方案,造福世界,香港及所有市民。

關於 MediaZone Group: MediaZone Group 每年從 11,000個活躍於香港地區的國際和本地品牌中評選出不到50個獲獎品牌; 獲獎品牌將獲得 MediaZone 的暢銷年鑑 – 《香港最具價值公司》的採訪和報導,這亦是港澳及中國地區唯一一本同時為商業精英和公營機構廣泛認可的商業年刊。

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