Blockchain Solutions Launches CryptoGO MKII @ RISE Conference 2019

HONG KONG, 8 th-11th July 2019 - Blockchain Solutions Limited. (, an aspiring technological start-up offering blockchain-enabled enterprise solutions, unveiled today at RISE conference ( their new business line – CryptoGo ( CryptoGo is one of the most advanced Cryptocurrency ATM, with an all new design, offering multiple cryptocurrencies compatibilities whilst enabling fast transactions with minimal fees.

High flexibility: CryptoGo MKII, is the 2nd generation product powered by in-house software. The machine is designed with high flexibility, enabling customization in many different aspects of the machine for seamless integration into existing businesses.

High security: The machine is secure, on par with security of bank grade ATM. CryptoGo MKII is intended to withstand malicious attacks whilst providing peace-of-mind for all clients from around the globe. Software engineering has been built upon foundation to safe, minimizing all risks to enable smooth operation and speedy transactions, with safety measures and functions.

Easy operation & support: CryptoGo MKII, is not only a machine, but offers an integrated point-of-sales allowing users to easily purchase Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies or vice versa. Software workflow and backend user interfaces are designed to be clean, ensuring the machines are easy to use. Operators could also use minimal supervision and manpower for maintenance

Anti-money-laundering (AML) & Know-your-customers (KYC): As the Cryptocurrency industry has regulations in several regions, the platform offered by CryptoGo MKII, can offer strong customizability in order to accommodate in order to comply for most AML / KYC regulatory guidelines.

Brand new design: The 2nd generation, CryptoGo MKII, comes with a new and improved design. Offering robust steel-enclosure and exceptional materials, the ATM industrial design, merging beauty with practicality. The ATM is designed to withstand the test of time, whilst offering water and dust resistance suitable for indoor and/or outdoor usage. Besides from an all-new design, the CryptoGo MKII offers.