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Announcement - Jase back to our family

Dear all,

It is a great honour for me to be once again as CEO of Blockchain Solutions Limited.

In the past few months, I was distracted to handle personal matters which caused some inconvenience and worries to BSL to some extent. Thanks to the hard work of the team, BSL has overcome a hard time and be awarded several awards in different industries which proof the professional of our company.

Now, my personal matters are resolved. With the support of my family, friends and valuable colleagues, I am officially returned to BSL family. In the future, I will continue to work hard with the team, expanding the application fields of blockchain and helping Hong Kong to become a smart city. We will continue to work closely with the government, also to promote blockchain applications with various industries, including retail, construction, etc. Under the severe pandemic, we will work with you to tide over the difficulties.

Thank you for your continued trust in BSL and just keep your eyes on us. We will never let you down in blockchain aspect.

In Blockchain, We Trust.

Jase Leung

CEO & Founder

Blockchain Solutions Limited


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