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Blockchain Solutions x HKAPI 區塊鏈科研 X 香港科研製藥聯會

We are officially joining the Hong Kong Associate of #Pharmaceutical Industry as one of the associate members. HKAPI is the organization advising the #bureau in #healthcare policymaking, strengthening relationships and collaboration among members. Currently, HKAPI has 33 full members, including the world’s top 20 companies engaged in the R&D of pharmaceuticals, providing over 70% of the #prescription medicines in Hong Kong.

BSL strived to provide the best #Blockchain applications in the market, including pharmaceutical industry. We believe blockchain’s immutability and secure nature made medical blockchain one of the most disruptive applications among the rest.

Aside from #medicalblockchain, we are eager to collaborate with different industries to help them explore the unlimited potential of blockchain technology.

區塊鏈科研 X 香港科研製藥聯會

我們很高興能向大家正式加入香港科研製藥聯會成為其中一份子。香港科研製藥聯會一直協助立法機關制訂香港 #醫療 政策,促進會員之間的緊密合作。香港科研製藥聯會現有33名會員,其中包括全球20大製藥科研企業,為全港提供70%的處方藥物。

我們正式加入香港科研製藥聯會成為其中一份子。區塊鏈科研一直致力在市場提供頂尖的 #區塊鏈 應用產品,包括 #製藥業。我們相信區塊鏈不可竄改與安全的特性能大大改善現有的醫療系統。

除了 #醫療區塊鏈,我們亦希望能為各行業發掘區塊鏈技術的龐大應用潛力。



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