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Fi2pay 於中國創新創業大賽脫穎而出

Good news never ends! Our subsidiary won a prize for excellence in the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong Division) with our Fi2Pay project! Fi2pay has great potential to be applied in the market. Interested in the project? Find us!

好消息接連不斷,我們的子公司以Fi2Pay榮獲中國創新創業大賽(廣東賽區)港澳台賽中的優勝獎! Fi2Pay今年屢獲不同比賽肯定,有非常大的潛力應用至市場之中。 對這個項目感興趣?立即聯繫我們吧! #Award #blockchainsolutions #blockchain #ChinaCompetition #Fi2Pay #BSL

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