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HKSTP - Elevator Pitch Competition

We have 60 seconds!

Our GM Jesse has 60 seconds to win over the judges in the Elevator Pitch Competition organized by Hong Kong Science Park among 160+ #startup finalists from more than 40+ countries today at 11.20 am at Sky100 - Hong Kong's Observation Deck. We are excited to showcase our project, #CerTraze, showing the world what #blockchain technology is capable of.

Please support us in the live broadcast below and follow us for more details!


我們的GM Jesse將於 #香港科學園 主辦的 Elevator Pitch Competition,於上午 11:20 SKY100以六十秒贏得裁判的信任,在來自40個不同國家的160間 #初創 公司中脫穎而出。我們非常期待藉由我們的產品CerTraze向大家展示 #區塊鏈技術 的潛力。


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