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We are one of the Sprinter 2 solution providers

We are one of Sprinter 2 solution providers!

Concentrating on blockchain applications landing, we developed CerTraze to track information in the supply chain for different industries, including the logistic industry of course!

Watch the video below to know more about #CerTraze. Contact us now for a tailor made blockchain solution!

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我們是 Sprinter 2 解決方案供應商之一!

專注於將區塊鏈落地應用,我們研發了 CerTraze來追蹤供應鏈中的不同信息,各行各業皆可使用,其中當然包括物流業。 即觀看以下影片以了解 CerTraze更多。現在就聯繫我們,獲取為貴司量身定制的區塊鏈解決方案!


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