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Why You Need CerTraze

CerTraze is a product tracing and certifying platform powered by blockchain.

By leveraging a team, that acquired over 8 years of experience in blockchain application, we developed CerTraze to eliminate malicious attempts and patch up product management loopholes. After our thorough investigation and research, we notice product fraud and logistic failure are prominent and were long considered unavoidable in business operations.

We believed the immutability and traceability of blockchain is the key to this problem.


Hence, CerTraze was founded. 

Proof of Origin

Product Tracing

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What It Does


Effective batch condition oversight with immutable and time-stamped records.


CerTraze API is compatible with third-party systems.


A multi-tiered subscription model that varies in scale, customizability, and functions.


Exporting visualized data and automatic reports.

How It Works


Integrating blockchain to ensure data immutability, traceability, and security.

Visualizing data and automated analysis in situ.

Bigdata Collection & Analysis Included

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IoT Competible

Incorporating suitable IoT for bespoke purposes.


App/ Web Portal Capacitated

Multiple operating portals with mobile application and website.

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CerTraze mobile application for general public is READY!

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