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is a cashless finger vein payment solution, which aims to replace the traditional contactless payment method with cards and mobile devices.

Combine the high accuracy and low-cost features of biometric identification technology and the unalterable and secure character of blockchain technology, Fi2Pay aims to synchronize all payment gateway into a tiny terminal and provide an expeditious, safe, and cost-efficient transaction method for customers and retailers. 

By incorporating biometric authentication and blockchain technology, Fi2Pay will outrun other payment methods with security and efficiency. Fi2Pay's finger vein identification can identify users' identity in 3 seconds with a 1/50000 failure rate. Besides, the cost of a finger vein scanner is a tiny fraction of an Iris scanner, but it reaches the same level of security since finger veins are difficult to forge or duplicate. 

Once the user registered in the Fi2Pay mobile app, Fi2Pay could funnel multiple payment methods into one finger vein scan. Despite the convenience and efficiency, Fi2Pay is prompt to have the highest security level as it uses biometric authentication combine with blockchain technology. The blockchain ensures all the transaction details are immutable and traceable. It can prohibit unauthorized access to sensitive data, eliminating potential fraud cases and malicious usage of customer's data and assets.

5 steps payment to enjoyment

1. Merchant request for payment while biometric identifier capture customer's biometric data.

2. Fi2Pay identifies scanned biometric with data stored on blockchain for identity authentication.

3. Process the transactions and payment.

4. Payment Transactions will be documented on blockchain, regardless of the result.

5. Fi2Pay will send the Receipt to the customer and the merchant.

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