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Funverse is a metaverse-based e-commerce platform that helps users and retailers both. The platform presents a special chance for shops to promote and sell their goods to a larger audience; users could access a wide range of online activities like socialising, gaming, and shopping within the platform.

Ed Greigg, Chief Disruptor at Deloitte.

Lack of Community Engagement

Watching a video is a one-way communication, Brands do not have channels to interact with the audience.

Lack of Visualization

Products are typically introduced to customers with descriptions, which results in less interaction and makes it difficult for customers to derive experience from wordings.

Lack of Metaverse Infrastructure

Entry barrier including technical expertise and initial cost to build metaverse experience is expensive.

Industry Pain Points 


Our Solution

Funverse provides a more inventive, safe, and engaging e-commerce platform that overcomes a number of issues that existing e-commerce websites face. Its emphasis on AI chatbot, 3D product modelling, payment gateway, and cryptocurrency integration gives it a competitive edge in the quickly changing e-commerce industry.

Less Text,
More Visual

By leveraging the power of Unreal Engine,a potent tool for building compelling and realistic virtual worlds, it is feasible to create hyper-realistic 3D virtual showrooms in Funverse, allowing brands to showcase their products in stunning detail. It enhances the visual appeal and offers customers a more accurate representation of the products they are considering.

Cross-platforms Accessibility

Funverse is accessible on various devices, including desktop and mobile, through web browsers without installation. It ensures a seamless and inclusive experience for users, enabling them to access the platform and shop anywhere, at any time.

Social Interaction

Recognizing the importance of socializing in the shopping experience, Funverse incorporates real-time chat and voice interaction features. It allows users to connect with each other and build communities, transforming shopping into a social activity.

AI with Machine Learning

Funverse utilizes AI technology to provide instant customer support and assistance through virtual assistants. The AI-powered agents can address product inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and guide users. In addition, AI and machine learning algorithms enable personalized shopping experiences, tailoring product recommendations based on user's preferences and past interactions.


Funverse integrates gamification elements to encourage user engagement and interaction with the platform. Users can earn rewards, discounts, and exclusive items as they participate in various activities, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and increasing their retention.


Businesses on Funverse can access detailed analytics and insights on customer behaviour, preferences, and interactions through GA4 integration. This valuable data helps brands refine their marketing strategies, optimize their virtual presence, and tailor their offerings to fulfil customer needs.

AR/VR Integration

In the platform's second phase, Funverse will incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, user can virtually try on products or experience services before making a purchase. It further elevates the immersive shopping experience, bridging the virtual and physical worlds.

Instant Transaction

Funverse aims to streamline transactions by integrating various payment gateways, including fiat and cryptocurrencies. It enables instant trading and payments within the Metaverse environment, ensuring a frictionless and secure purchasing process.

Working With the Best Clients
Our Clients Say

The immersive and engaging experience Elite Film Club and Funverse created for the film <A Light Never Goes Out> was simply extraordinary. The integration of metaverse technology and an AI chatbot that mimics real-world artists made it possible for a completely unique and creative manner to watch the film. The amount of realism and attention to detail in the virtual environment were really outstanding, making for a more pleasurable and memorable movie-watching experience.

It is thrilling to think about how Elite Film Club and Funverse will advance the movie-watching experience by utilising metaverse technologies in the future. Anyone who enjoys watching films and wants to be immersed in a completely new universe should definitely try this experience.

Elite Film Club

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