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Game Server & Back-end development engineer


  • Higher Diploma / Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related disciplines;

  • About 3 years of java backend development experience, experience in UE4/5, Metaverse, game server development is preferred;

  • Proficiency in C++, Java, and good programming habits;

  • Solid foundation, proficiency in algorithms and data structure related knowledge, familiarity with object-oriented programming, and the ability to use design patterns reasonably;

  • Familiar with Linux, have solid experience in Linux programming environment, familiar with TCP/IP protocol, HTTP protocol;

  • Proficient in the use and maintenance of AWS EC2, AWS Gaemlift, Azure Playfab, Linux systems, and microservice architecture systems.

  • Proficient in the deployment and maintenance of K8s, Docker, Nginx, MySQL, MQ, Redis and other common services.


  • Responsible for the function development and maintenance of the game server;

  • Build improvements to performance, reliability, and product polish — for example, improving the efficiency and performance of our game API server;

  • Cooperate with planners to discuss design documents, avoid design loopholes, and complete logic implementation;

  • Solve game development and online problems, be able to communicate with operation and maintenance, and keep the game server stable;

  • Understand server bottlenecks in real time, and be able to optimize game performance and stability;

  • Ensure the game development timeline, quality and ensure that the project development cycle is controllable.

We offer 5-day work with good career prospects and excellent fringe benefits to the right candidates.  Interested parties, please feel free to send a full resume with your expected salary and availability to

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