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Blockchain Solutions Limited, is a new technology start-up founded in 2017, with the vision of being the pioneer and market leading One Stop Solution Provider for clients and corporations both globally and locally.


The mission is to leverage our research & development team to enable business entities to fully transition and maximize the benefits through various application of the distributed ledger technology (DLT). Through our technical expertise, we offer consulting services and industry leading solutions. ..

Blockchain Solutions integrates blockchain technology into the client's own business model. We believe the upcoming Blockchain is the next revolution and the team is focused on enabling corporations to develop their strategies from ideation to realization. 

Our services include providing professional consultancy services, collaborating with leaders in various industries so corporations may increase their business operations by reducing costs, enhancing security as well as other business efficiencies. 


Enterprise Solutions

Blockchain Solutions Limited., is a technological One Stop Solution provider, for Blockchain technology. We specialize in delivering custom-made solution to different industry leaders.  Our expertise is in understanding clients' pain points and delivering effective use-case implementations.


DLT and Smart Contracts

By leveraging disruptive and class-leading Blockchain technology, we offer customized solution enabling higher transparency, better business efficiencies, boosting security of systems. In addition, smart contracts can be leveraged so corporations may digitally facilitate any automated enforcements ensuring accuracy and  quick execution in the corporate world.


Use Case design and implementation

Our technology team are focused on collaborating closely with business entities. Through our partnership, we provide detailed platform architecture design, and integrate blockchain technology into existing and even new business models. Our expertise also enable us to provide proof of concept / proof of value so clients have the best solution to leverage this disruptive technology and transform their businesses.

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Our Partners