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BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference 2022 - Coming Soon!

Please save the dates 13-15 July because you won’t want to miss this! We will be at #Business #GOVirtual #Expo & #Conference 2022 at #HKCEC and will showcase our most recent project. Come to visit us! Remember, the Booth number is A03.

The physical conference will be held from 13-15 July at HKCEC booth A03, and you can also visit our online booth from 13-19 July. Please search The GOVIRTUAL OMNI.

請將7月13日至15日預留給我們吧,因為你不會想錯過這個!我們將於Business GOVirual在會展的展覽會中展出我們最新的項目,來探訪我們吧,請緊記是A03展位。

實體展覽日期由7月13日開始至15日,地點是會展A03展位,你亦可以訪問我們的網上展位,請搜尋The GOVIRTUAL OMNI。 #blockchain #expo



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