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CEO Sharing at Index Game - Thousands of Light Event

Thank you, #IndexGame invites us to share our views on "Thousands of Light". We hope you found our CEO, Jase Leung's speech beneficial.

"Thousands of Lights" is a new project created by Index Game. The project aims to connect our daily life to the #Sandbox#metaverse, #Web3, and #NFT, generating a win-win #O2O community and economic model.

We hope to see you again soon at upcoming events on our website and social media!

感謝Index Game的邀請我們分享對 ”Thousands of Light”的看法,希望你們可從我們CEO Jase Leung的演講中獲益。

“Thousands of Light” 是由Index Game打造的新項目,項目旨在將我們的日常生活與Sandbox、元宇宙、Web3及NFT連結起來,營造一個雙贏的O2O社區及經濟模式。

Post Date: 29 August 2022



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