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Visit Blockchain Solutions' booth at the Future Blockchain Summit

Blockchain Solutions is going to showcase its latest business solutions to the visitors of the Future Blockchain Summit on 15th – 18th Oct at Dubai Harbour, UAE.

Blockchain Solutions aimed at introducing blockchain technology into different industries, thus to improve business' productivity and encourage innovative business models.

In the Future Blockchain Summit, Blockchain Solutions, at its booth (Hall 8, B29), will showcase 3 innovative projects to the visitors.


A tailor-made metaverse platform for e-business, with hyper-realistic 3D showroom, powered by Unreal Engine. Tenants can not only display their goods, services and sell them to consumers, but also socialize, interact with customers or organise events.

Funverse is web-based, users are not required to download any apps, they can visit Funverse simply by clicking on a link. The link can also be tailored to under the client’s own domain.

Additionally, built-in features like an AI chatbot, that provides real-time Q&A service, offers users with a 24 x 7 immersive customer experience.


A product tracing and certifying platform powered by blockchain. Developed by expert team with over 8 years of experience in blockchain application, CerTraze aimed to eliminate errors caused by human negligence or malicious attempts, and also system security vulnerabilities.

By adapting blockchain technology, which is immutable, secure, and traceable, it tackles the problems related to human fraud and central system error.


A fully customizable white-label cryptocurrency kiosk with bank-grade security. All kiosks are tailormade, clients can customize the appearance, user interface and tradable currency etc. From KYC to brand building, CryptoGo is dedicated to fit the needs of the fast changing crypto world.

Reservation for Consultation is Available Now

Demonstrations of the 3 projects will be shown in the booth, in which, visitors can try the Funverse demo, explore a new journey in the innovative e-business metaverse platform!

In order to facilitate visitors to conduct better business consultation, in addition to instant consultation at the exhibition booth, visitors can also reserve a meeting time online for on-site or online consultation, which will be conducted with Jase Leung, Founder & CEO of Blockchain Solution. Online reservation is now available on

“Blockchain Solutions is glad to take part in the Future Blockchain Summit which is held in Dubai, a hub connecting Europe and Asia! We are looking forward to meeting the Web3 talents from all around the world, and to exchange our ideas.” said Jase Leung.

For more information, visitors can also visit the official website of the Future Blockchain Summit or the website of Blockchain Solutions

More information by clicking here: Learn more



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