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BitBro enlisted as one of the finalists in the IFTA Award 2020

We and our proud project, #BitBro , are honored to be enlisted as one of the finalists in the #IFTAAchievementAwards2020! This award recognizes our contribution to the development of #FinTech in Hong Kong.

BitBro is a blockchain-driven referral system for the financial community, which provides secure, reliable, and immutable ledgers for all stakeholders. It is developed via #HyperledgerFabric and #IPFS to fortify trust among the participants.

The #IFTA Awards 2020, under the theme “Embracing FinTech amid New Normal and Accelerating Digitization”.

#區塊鏈科研 以BitBro入圍IFTA金融科技成就大獎2020。這個獎項肯定了我們對香港的 #金融科技 發展作出的貢獻。 BitBro——為金融投資而設的 #區塊鏈 推薦系統,利用區塊鏈,BitBro針對融資過程為用戶提供可靠的合同簽署與推薦功能。


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