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Blockchain Solutions has been granted with the Tech of the Year Award 2023

Thank you Business GOVirtual Expo for granting Blockchain Solutions with the Tech of the Year Award 2023.

It was pleased to share our award-winning product " Funverse " to the visitors in the 3 days exhibition. A new E-commerce journey, with 3D interactive showcase, 24x7 AI chatbot customer service, and payment gateway, all the things you need are here!

感謝 BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference 向 Blockchain Solutions 頒發2023年度科技獎!

榮幸能在一連三日展會中,與大家分享我們最新的得獎元宇宙平台 — Funverse !向大家展示全新的電子商貿體驗、3D互動式產品展示、24x7 人工智能聊天機械人客服、電子支付平台等 ! 您所需要的,這裡都有!



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