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Blockchain Solutions Become the Web3 Partner of Hong Kong Got Talent Show

恭喜香港獲得全球知名節目"Got Talent Show" 播放權 - 中播數據於4月20日舉行發佈會宣佈將與 GBGT HK、娛樂製作公司 Showtimes4u、香港電視娛樂有限公司(ViuTV)及 #古天樂 創辦的 #天下一工作室 ,共同推出目《香港達人秀》(Hong Kong's Got Talent)。

我們亦非常榮幸能成爲《香港達人秀》的 #Web3合作夥伴 ,與香港達人秀共同打造觀看全新體驗!請繼續留意我們追蹤更多合作詳情!

Congratulations that Hong Kong has successfully obtained the broadcast right of the world-renowned program "Got Talent Show"! On April 20, Silkwave Inc. has announced its collaboration with GBGT HK Ltd., Showtimes (Asia) Limited, Hong Kong Television Entertainment Limited and One Cool Workshop Limited, to launch the world-class talent show - Hong Kong's Got Talent.

We are honored to be the #Web3 partner of "Hong Kong's Got Talent" and create a transformative experience for audience. Stay tuned with our partnership updates!



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