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Stay Tuned For "Hong Kong's Got Talent" And Its Web3.0 Act

Blockchain Solutions 和旗下項目 Funverse 很榮幸成為Hong Kong's Got Talent《香港達人秀》的 #Web3 合作夥伴!

《Got Talent》系列多年已在全球69個國家熱播,造就不少新星出道,2014年更獲《健力氏世界紀錄大全》選定為最長壽真人show。

這個真人show節目終於有香港版《Hong Kong's Got Talent》,現已接受所有身懷絕技的人報名, 讓所有素人都可於舞台上大展才能, 並將於明年由 #ViuTV 播出。

Funverse 作為新一代娛樂及商務平台, 以高質素的3D效果、多人在線、實時互動等功能, 為不同場景、活動建立沉浸式的網上虛擬空間體驗, 讓用戶仿如親臨其境。Funverse將於未來為《香港達人秀》加強觀眾與節目之間的互動,透過網上虛擬空間為一眾達人打氣

《香港達人秀》及其Web3活動的更多最新消息將會陸續公佈, 敬請密切留意!

It’s an honor for Blockchain Solutions and its award-winning project "Funverse" to be the #Web3 partner of Hong Kong's Got Talent!

The "Got Talent" series has been broadcast in 69 countries for many years and has become the debut platform for many new stars. In 2014, the "Guinness World Records" granted it as the longest-lived reality show.

Today, the show has landed in Hong Kong, as “Hong Kong's Got Talent” which is now available for applications from all talents, allowing them to debut their talents, which will be broadcast by #ViuTV next year.

Funverse, as a next-generation entertainment and e-business platform, with its hyper-realistic 3D graphic, multi-user capability, and real-time interaction function, it provides users with an immersive online virtual space experience in different scenarios, allowing them to feel as if they are actually there. Funverse will work with "Hong Kong's Got Talent" to enhance interaction between the audience and the show, and keep standing by for all the talents!

More updates about "Hong Kong's Got Talent" and its #Web3 activities will be announced soon, so stay tuned!



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