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Bloomberg Business Week Interview with BSL

Thank you Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition for interviewing our CEO Jase Leung.

As per the FTX story, we believe that there is a possibility of #MerkleTree becoming a part of #auditing in the future.

On the other hand, under #cryptowinter, although some companies or virtual projects were brutally affected, this is an opportunity to knock out poorly managed projects, which can improve the development foundation of the industry. The crypto winter also forces the #regulators to cope with the problem, thus pushing the industry to develop from unregulated to regulated.

謝謝 #彭博商業周刊 與我們CEO的約訪。

經過 #FTX 一事後,我們認為Merkle Tree在未來或會成為 #審計 中的一環。

另一邊廂,#加密寒冬 下,雖然部分公司或者#虛擬項目 在嚴峻環境下慘遭清洗,但這反而是一個契機,讓部分經營不善的項目提早「爆煲」,可改善整個行業的基礎。加密寒冬亦迫使#監管機構 正視問題,從而令整個行業由#無規管 逐步向#有規管 發展。

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Post Date: 16 February 2023



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