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Joining the Global Matching 2021

We are delighted to announce we will be participating in the #GlobalMatching2021 Virtual Exhibition.

Thank you #HKSTP for this opportunity to introduce our project of the year, #CerTraze, a blockchain-based product certification platform. Don’t forget to check out another project of ours, #Fi2Pay, a blockchain-based #biometric payment method!

Stay tuned for an update about this exhibition!

我們很高興宣佈我們將會參與 Global Matching 2021 虛擬展覽。

感謝 #香港科學園 讓我們展示我們本年度的重點項目——CerTraze,一個以 #區塊鏈 為基礎的產品標籤平台。除此之外,我們亦會展示有關Fi2Pay的資料,Fi2Pay是一個區塊鏈 #生物認證 的付費方案。



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