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First Day Recap of WOW Summit 2023

The first day of the WOW Summit has come to a close, but we are excited for tomorrow's (30th March) continuation of the event!

It was a highly productive day for us as we had the pleasure of meeting a number of #Web3 project owners and participants.

We are delighted to introduce our newest product, Funverse, an all-inclusive #Metaverse platform designed for E-Commerce, which offers customers an immersive shopping experience.

Join us for the final day of WOW Summit, and visit us at booth A12!

Secure your registration here:

第一天的WOW Summit已經完滿結束!同時我們亦十分期待明天的活動。

感謝WOW Summit所提供的參展機會,我們亦很高興能會見多個Web 3參展商和人才。

在此活動我們將介紹所推出的最新產品 Funverse,這是一個專為電子商務設計全方位的元宇宙平台,可為客戶提供身臨其境的購物體驗。

明天是WOW Summit的最後一天,記得來到亞洲國際博覽館 Hall 5,參觀我們的

展位 A12,不要錯過!

WOW Summit登記連結:



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